Transition & Transformation Project Management

Transition & Transformation Project Management


Current and prospective project and programme managers responsible for management and coordination of transition and transformation initiatives.


Today’s dynamically changing environment – the development of technology, increasing customer requirements, and competition – requires organisations to embrace greater flexibility and efficiency. Where the changes required are significant, companies may initiate complex change programmes. These programmes can be transitional – for example, how do we do what we do better and more efficiently? or how do we move into new geographies or market sectors? – or they can be transformational – do any of those things but, in doing so, become something different. Transitional programmes are complex but predictable; transformational programmes, by their very nature, are unpredictable but can release enormous untapped potential. Both forms of programme require a broad range of management and leadership skills. These skills can be learned and developed.
The main aim of the workshop is to prepare both current and prospective project and programme managers for the management and coordination of transition and transformation initiatives. The workshop programme has been devided into two parts. The first focuses on the transition and transformation management and the second on the project management.

Training Objectives

  • To provide participants with an understanding of transition and transformation management and the role of Transition Leader
  • To equip participants with the practical tools and techniques to plan, deliver and monitor a transition/transformation project
  • To understand the challenges of transition/transformation projects and learn the strategies to deal with them

Training Benefits
After completing the workshop, the participants should be able to:

  • Manage global projects, with a focus on organisational and service transition
  • Understanding of the theory and practice of leadership, and the contribution that leadership behaviours make to the delivery of sustained value through transition projects and programmes
  • Improve the existing transition/transformation process in the organisation

Style and Structure

  • Interactive „learning by doing” workshop
  • The following teaching techniques will be used: case studies, short lectures, group discussions, check lists, team activities and creative problem solving techniques..


Program warsztatu:

1. Introduction to the Workshop
2. Introduction to Transition Leadership
3. Change vs Transition

  • Managing the Human Side of Change
  • Transition Process – Bridges’ Model

4. People in Transition

  • Locating People in the Transition
  • The Signs of the Transition: GRASS
  • The Transition Language

5. Endings and Losses

  • Losses Analyses
  • Strategies for Managing Endings

6. Neutral Zone

  • Effective Communication during Transition
  • Four Ps: Purpose, Picture, Plan, Part
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Coaching People

7. New Beginnings

  • Strategies for New Beginnings
    Principles of Transition Management

8. Transition Project Lifecycle
9. Initiation Processes

  • Project Charter
  • Stakeholders Identification

10. Planning Processes

  • Scope; Schedule; Costs; Human Resources; Communication; Risk Management
  • Project Plan and Kick off

11. Execution and Monitoring and controlling processes

  • How to effectively manage delivery?
  • Review; Change; Progress and Status
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Delegation; Authority; Effective feedback; Motivation

12. Closing Process

  • Hand off deliverables
  • Lessons learned
  • Success sharing and celebrating

13. Summary of the Workshop



3 days

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