lipiec 2013

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12 lipiec 2013
What makes a GREAT Project Manager and how to build leadership skills?

I was asked by Project World & World Congress for Business Analysts organizers two questions (full interview will be published on PW&WCBA Blog soon. 1.   What are characteristics of a GREAT project manager?    2.    How do you as a project manager build leadership skills?   So what makes a great Project Manager? Projects are people not […]

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Leadership, Project Management
2 lipiec 2013
Successful teams across borders – PART 3 – working collaboratively!

It’s not about communication but collaboration! Effective communication is a tool for working collaboratively and building a high-performing team. In fact, research has shown that effective teams often communicate less than other teams because they have developed a shared understanding.   So, what are the criteria of collaboration? Ownership of shared goals, Relationships with a […]

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Przygotowanie do certyfikacji PMP/ PMP certification preparation course

Edycja wirtualna/virtual: start 20/01/2020

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