Marcin Swierz

Marcin Świerz project manager architekt

Architekt, Project Manager

Architect and Project Manager focused on optimization and innovation of construction management process. Expert in creating and implementing of bespoke BIM strategies for all stages of construction process.

Marcin has evolved from a designer to a Project Manager leading efficiency improvement projects in construction industry including implementation of Building Information Modelling. Marcin has developed his methods of work during technical project coordination and BIM implementation in Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arabs Emirates and Philippines. He was leading BIM implementation projects in design offices, contractors and governmental organizations acting as main client for construction projects. He has proved the efficiency of his approach during work as the BIM Manager and the Project Manager of BIM implementation on mega airport projects in UAE and technically challenging projects designed by international star architects. As a Founder and Managing Director of Project-BIM, Marcin values open communications, minimalized hierarchy and rational application of technology.

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Marcin Świerz project manager architekt

Marcin Świerz

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