Strategic Project Management Applications for Better Business Guidance with Personal Agility (PA)

Strategic Project Management Applications for Better Business Guidance with Personal Agility (PA)


Experience this one and only ride of your life in a ship that will guide you to the Personal Agility Lighthouse with Raji and Michal


In this one-day workshop, we shall use our Personal Agility (PA) lighthouse (Learning/ Cerebral / Emotional / Education / Change / Political / Outcomes )to guide you to the secure shores of your vision, help prepare you to tread the long roads of mergers/acquisitions. We will also use a new perspective of Individual Personal Agility Self Analysis Assessment, which is a vital requisite for changes in any company. Influencing with PA to work on personal visions (long-term plans) and development directions be it right or wrong will be discovered. Many strong pillars of PA will steer you to your goal alignment that will pave the way to Organizational Agility. We will get you ready for opportunities and prepare you for changes when your company trademark needs it or your strategic/tactical plan needs tweaking on the fly to get a handle on new approaches to tackle any organization.

Course Benefits 

  • Structured learning of Personal Agility skills that are critical to all organizations (small, medium, large)
  • Thought leadership in this global economy – Acknowledge the existence of different agilities and how they apply to the daily workspace as the global market dictates change constantly
  • Sharing experience from different companies and workspaces and personalities
  • Exploring and educating oneself about different aspects of agility
  • Practical and dynamic ways of dealing with difficult stakeholders concerning politics, emotion, changes, and much more
  • Subtleties of getting the organizational outcome through skill sets that can not be taught through a certification or class


The workshop is applicable to Strategic Business Management Skills for Leaders and Managers including Project, Program, Portfolio an,d much more. Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced can benefit from this workshop.

  1. Emphasis on awareness and factual recall; appropriate for those interested in furthering development in core skills.
  2. Concentration on understanding existing knowledge; fitting for those interested in using content in practical applications to master concepts.
  3. Centering on project implementation of detailed deliverables to support Organizational & Personal Agility flavors towards organizational strategy.


Workshop Agenda

  1. Introduction to the workshop
  2. Synopsis of the seven AgilityDiscoveries flavors –      Learning/Cerebral/Emotional/Education/Change/Political/Outcomes
  3. Delegates intro exercise – Self Analysis with PA at the core
  4. Morning wrap up
  5. 1st Group exercise
  6. Share Findings
  7. 2nd Group exercise
  8. Group discussions about the exercise/ Group race to get to the Personal Agility lighthouse
  9. Everyone goes home armed with PA capability to use the next day.

Style and structure

  • Interactive “learning by performing” and “learning from other verticals” workshop
  • The following teaching techniques will be used:
    • Real work examples of each of the seven agilities
    • Group discussions
    • Case studies
    • Team activities.

Materials for attendees

  1. Findings from insights of the workshop will be sent to all attendees as a Guide for Personal Agility to achieve Organizational Agility.


1 day




1 500 PLN (Price includes VAT)

Workshop by:

Raji Sivaraman, Michał Rączka

For more information contact us at: / phone +48 602 210 940

PMP® certification preparation course starts on 10 May 2021

Virtual:  Every Mon and Thu 18:30-21:30 till 21 Jun 2021

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