We are a team of highly creative and motivated leaders, who are really passionate about making a difference – creating a world where every project succeeds. United by an ethos of shared responsibility with the goal of achieving more democratic, sustainable and environmentally conscious business and social solutions. Each of us is different, but we share a common mission, which is to build more integrated teams, organisations and societies.

Małgorzata Kusyk zdjęcie

Małgorzata Kusyk – AgilePMO founder, agility and teal, social commitment and personal responsibility ambassador. A rebel visionary for whom “sky is not the limit”.

When others knock on their heads, thinking that something is impossible, I take action – “I grab a brush and paint”. And although, like everyone, along the way I stumble and sometimes fall, I get up and follow what is important and valuable to me, follow my dreams.

For me, Agile is a philosophy of life – being in trust and abundance, resilience and quick adaptation to the changing environment, because there is no better time for innovative thinking like a crisis. The old one no longer works, and the new one is not there yet, so you can get carried away by your imagination. From passion and dreams of a better world, the idea for AgilePMO was born. The idea germinated for several years – here you will find the story , but it was only in March 2013 that I dared to register the company, and in November of the same year gave up my full-time job to completely focus on the development of the organisation on my own rules.

2013 – AgilePMO was founded

2017 – joining Project Management Institute® – Registered Educational Providers community. PMI® Authorized Training Partner (ATP) now – one of the three in Poland.

2019 – first edition of 12 week online PMI® Authorized PMP® Exam Prep Course was launched.

2020 – social educational programme gameScrum was launched.

2021 – launch of the AgilePMO Scholarship Program, addressed to women who are unemployed, in order to activate their profession and improve their professional qualifications in the area of leadership and management of projects, teams and organisations.

2017 – Agile Women Leader Academy was set up –  a community gathering all who want to live Agile values 

2018 –Transition Manager Academy (TMA) was launched. TMA is the only project management training program in Poland based on the PMI Talent Triangle®. 

2020 – the fist online on demand course and Agile Leadership Academy was launched.

2022 – launch of the On-the-job Training Program addressed to people in the process of upskilling or reskilling, enabling them to gain experience in the area of agile and project management.

On 9 August 2022, we led a workshop on building teams of the future as part of a 12-week accelerator programme organised by Huge Thing in partnership with Google for Startups.

Currently, the AgilePMO team consists of 20 people regularly cooperating with each other in Poland and around the world and has started a large-scale global expansion.