Dream Mapping, You Can Do It

If you can dream it, you can do it. Goals setting and Dream Mapping

If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney
If you are a Project Manager or your job is related to project management setting goals is one of the important skills. How about your life” Shouldn”t we treat our life as the most important project”
Do you know that only 3% of Poles set their goals and these people achieve more. The same applies the whole World! Treat your dreams seriously. You are here to become as good, as you can. You owe it yourself. Susan
Hayward, „Begin it now”
Goals can be:
–    short and long-term
–    serious and light
–    related to job or your private life
–   related to you or people, world
–   secret and public
And related to different areas:
–           professional goals
–           social goals
–           financial goals
–           goals focused on you
–           goals focused on your family
–           goals focused on your health and life style
–           intellectual goals
–           other (hobbies, travel, etc.)

It’s good to set several goals – the life starts to be more interesting and balanced. Apart of that if you meet obstacles you can always focus on other goal for a while.

 Brian Tracy, success expert, suggests: write down your 10 goals, choose one -” the most important for you at the moment, and every day do one small thing that brings you closer to achieving this goal. Easy”
I have another, more creative idea: Cut & Paste Your Perfect Life ” create a Dream Map sometimes called Mood Board or Vision Board. If actors Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey use them to plan their careers, why not to have a go. Tekst based on the materials from a workshop delivered by Marzena Imiłkowski I’ve attended and the article „Cut & Paste Your Perfect Life” – RED, September 2010.
A Dream Map is a physical manifestation of what you want in your life, it can help point you in a new direction, shake up your ideas, gives answers when you’re stuck on anything: career, relationships,
finances, family
How to create a Dream Map?
  • Before you begin, spend a few minutes setting your intention for the exercise. Think about what you’d like to manifest in your life
  • Flick through magazines and cut the pictures and slogans that you are drawn to without knowing why.
  •  Look for inspiration everywhere: slogans for adds, product packaging, radio jingles, song lyrics, etc.
  •  Don’t have a specific idea”’s in advance of what you are trying to create. Just allow yourself to be attracted to images or ideas
  • Trust your intuition, however weird. The idea is to make surprise connections
  •  Be careful: it’s not a fantasy shopping list. The map is not about the things you would like to buy if you won a lottery. It’s not about wishing you were someone else.


  • Then paste the images to a paper card ” choose a big enough canva! You can use the structure suggested below
  • Feel free to add your own drawings to complete your dream map.
  • You can also put a frame around it and sign it with a affirmation: „I am asking for this or anything better for my best benefit”
  •  Have fun!
  • When ready hang it in the place you can see it often ” that’s what I do – it helps me to focus on the things are important to me.
  •  Some people avoid places visited by others, to keep their wishes private.
  • There is also a theory of not looking at it for some time and return to see if the dreams came
    true after a while.
Not ready yet, will leave some for next weekend
You might not believe till the moment you try, but this works! I have created 2 maps so far and all my dreams came true. A mystery- Not really:
  •        When you commit your ideas and dreams to paper, whether in words or pictures, you make them more concrete
  •        This helps harness the power of visualization.
  •        When you put a desire or an intention out to the Universe, amazing synchronicities and coincidences begin to occur.
  •        When you’ve clarified what you want, it becomes easier to recognize opportunities that could provide the openings you need.
  • When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person realize his dream.  Paulo Coelho
Advantages of creating a Dream Map:
–           guarantees you will spend some time on dreaming
–           helps to understand your needs better
–           makes your goals clear and set them in logic whole
–           helps you to keep balance in your life
–           helps you to believe in reaching the goals by transferring your wishes to real life
–           provides focus to your mind
–           mobilizes and motivates you to acting
–           gives you a direction
–           gives you much positive energy and sets you in a good mood
Your Dream Map structure proposal (9 areas)
Wealth & Prosperity
material means
Fame & Reputation
career – end
spiritual goals
Love & Relationship
Family & Physical Health
Spiritual Health & Well Being
Creativity & Children
plans forfuture
Knowledge & Wisdom
Career & Life Path
career start
Travel & Helpful People
social goals
 Wish you all your dreams come true. Enjoy!

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