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8 listopad 2012
Synergy 2012
Tak jak obiecałam wcześniej, dziś relacja z największego wydarzenia project management w UK – Synergy. Poraz drugi zespół wolontariuszy PMI UK Chapter zorganizował tą nadzwyczajną konferencję, której celem jest docenienie profesji Project Managera. Wśród zaproszonych gości
była księżna Anna,  politycy, praktycy zarządzania projektami oraz aktorzy i wolontariusze z The Comedy Schoolorganizacji non-profit, która wykorzystuje komedię w różnych celach, od  rozwijania kreatywności po rozwój umiejętności społecznych, czy pisania. The Comedy School regularnie realizuje zarówno projekty artystyczne jak i społeczne dla młodzieży szkolnej, czy penitencjariuszy zakładów karnych. Okazało się, że Duncan Chappell, Prezes PMI UK Chapter posiada nie tylko umiejętności przywódcze, ale również aktorskie. Dalsza część będzie po angielsku, gdyż tym postem chciałabym podziękować koleżankom i kolegom z PMI UK Chapter.
On November 1st, 2012 I attended the 2012 Synergy Project Management Event in London. That was second time when enthusiastic PMI UK Chapter’s volunteers organized one of the
largest events of its kind in the UK and I had a privilege to be a part of both of them. During this one event we heard many stories about successful teams and projects as the main aim of this event is to celebrate the Project Management profession. All presenters can be found here
and I will mention a few of them.


The event was opened by Mark Langley, President and CEO of PMI® (via videoconference) introducing The Project Management Triangle® – see the picture. The Project Management Triangle® has been misapplied for years and is now not understood by most project managers and business people..! If we only speak the language of project management as in
scope, time, and cost; then project management as a profession will fail today”s businesses..!”
New Triangle: Project Management /Leadership/Business Acumen
Lord Digby Jones in his amusing speech described the size of opportunities for project management. Last year Louise Hardy walked us through the Olympic Park project and this year Dame Tessa Jowell spoke on stakeholder engagement in relation to the London Olympics ” how to unify different fractions toward one goal” BTW, Well done London Olympics Team!
In his presentation Dr. Thomas Juli introduced 10 Zen insights and translates them into
the language of project management.
1. Identity
2. Timeliness in a time-sensitive world
3. The power of vision
4. Overcoming Angst and the need for action
5. Individualism and hierarchy
6. Leadership and motivation
7. Simplicity
8. Truth and illusion
9. Team play
10. Passion
If you find this interesting please visit his blog, where you can also download the Synergy presentation.
THE PROJECT by Joe Onstott
Not sure if you are aware of this, but Scientists from all over the world have come together in ITER to work toward a lofty goal: harness the energy produced by the fusion of atoms to help meet mankind’s energy needs. ITER is a large-scale scientific experiment intended to prove the viability of fusion as an energy source, and to collect the data necessary for the design and subsequent operation of the first electricity-producing fusion power plant.
As I’ve already mentioned in my previous post,International Project Management Day has taken “women and children” as its theme this year. You can find more on Elizabeth Harinn”s blog
” I’ve just found out that she wrote about me J. During Synergy 2011 we could learn about
kicking off the ProjectManagement in Schools project with Mill Chase School and this year Simon Robson shared the experience from the pilot.
And the last but not the least The Comedy School, a bit of light hearted entertainment in the name
of project management. I really enjoyed the improvisation show by Luke Sorba and the team and must admit that Duncan Chappell, PMI UK Chapter President proved to be not only a good leader, but
also a good actor.
The Comedy School is the only arts organization of its kind in the UK which works with comedy in many different settings. It aims to raise profile of the many uses of comedy, from stimulating personal
creativity to encouraging social skills and improving literacy. This is a nonprofit organisation and relies heavily on volunteers and donations. The Comedy School regularly runs both arts and issue based projects with young people, in schools, youth centres, in association with Youth Inclusion Projects, Youth Offending Teams and Safer Schools Teams.
This great event would never have happened without the entire volunteer team who worked very hard, to ensure everyone had a great time. Thanks a lot and see you at Synergy 2013 next year.
More pictures from the event can be found here.
PMI, Project Management Institute, The PMI  Talent Triangle are the registered trade marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.


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