Are you writing the story of your life?

Am I really holding the pen and writing the story of my life?

That was a question I asked myself after the closing speech of Project Management Institute (PMI)® Leadership Institute Meeting 2012 – EMEA which took place last year on May 4-6 in Marseille, France and gathered together 200 PMI® leaders.

Leadership Institute Meetings are designed to inspire and support PMI® leaders by offering face-to-face opportunities to connect with and learn from fellow volunteer leaders. At the meetings PMI® leaders collaborate in productive, curriculum-driven educational sessions.

Jim Lawless, one of the most popular inspirational speakers in Europe, was the closing speaker of the 2,5 day event and talking on „Ten Rules for Taming Tigers” made the audience laugh and cry.
What is the barrier to peak performance, influencing tricky stakeholders and driving project success” It”s internal and we have the power to tame it whenever we choose. We call it „the Tiger” and it”s the thing that roars at us and makes us back down when faced with innovation, personal change and bold, committed action. The Tiger seduces
billions of people into delivering comfortable mediocrity.
Taming Tigers is a unique and highly practical way of understanding and winning the battle that we have with ourselves to take risks, grow and succeed. Taming Tigers is one of the most advanced coaching and cultural change tools on the corporate landscape. It has been tested twice by its creator in the sporting arena. First, by Jim’s journey from overweight non-rider to jockey in 12 months, at the age of 36, and then by his breaking the British No Limits
Freediving record in 2010, the first British diver to cross the magic 100-meters barrier.
After the emotional, entertaining and inspiring speech I really wanted to read his book „Timing Tigers. Do things you never thought you could, did not buy it during the event and was not aware I would like it. Fortunately, Jim was also the speaker of the PMI® EMEA Congress and my friend who was staying longer got a copy for me.
Taming Tigers changed my life (more on this soon) and now it is your turn to tame your Tiger:
  1.  Act boldly today – time is limited!
  2. Re-write your Rulebook – challenge it hourly
  3. Head in the direction of where you want to arrive, every day
  4. It’s all in the mind
  5. The tools for Taming Tigers are all around you
  6. There is no safety in numbers
  7. Do something scary everyday
  8. Understand and control your time to create change
  9. Create disciplines -do the basics brilliantly
  10. Never, never give up!

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