Hacking your Corporate Culture to Make Change Happen by Angel Medinilla

[:en]A never-ending battle between agile and waterfall working methods and advantage one approach over another is present at any discussion on project management today. For me Agile is not a process but is a mindset which can be adopted to any project. Adopting agile is about transforming the culture of a company to support the Agile mindset. In other words: agile is about creating a culture/ team environment where everyone is self-motivated to contribute to the overall success of the project.

The most organisations invest heavily in strategic planning and, when the strategy requires change, a robust change management plan. Both are crucial for the growth and adaptation to changing requirements of today’s dynamic market.  Although what is missing is the human cost of the implementation of these strategic changes – the transition management. Transition is a gradual, psychological process that happens inside of us as we adapt to a change. Transition results from the change, but might start much earlier.

The secret of efficient Agile adoption is transitioning individuals, groups and the organisation from a current state to a future state with intended business benefits. How to do it”

In this post you can find a reflection and 20 tips from Angel Medinilla, New Trends in Project Management 2015 keynote speaker presenting „Hacking your Corporate Culture to Make Change Happen. Bringing Change to any Human Organisation”.

„Have you ever wondered why, if Agile is such a good idea, people are resisting it so much” What’s the reason that your bosses agree to it when you explain it, but fail to change their behaviour later on” Why people revert to their previous state when you stop pushing them on the right direction” Why it’s so difficult to convince clients about trying Agile Above all, why everyone is OK with change, as long as it’s „others” the ones who change, not them” For most of us, the problem is not to understand burn-downs, story points or user stories, but to make change happen in our organizations and stick it to people’s mind. Here are some tips to understand more about how and why change ” any change ” happens or fails in any kind of human group, how to define and assess corporate culture and ” hopefully ” how to hack it for profit and fun (oh, well, and for everyone”s happiness too)”.

Tips from Angel (more in the drawing):


  1. Observe
  2. Find the cracks
  3. Have a clear vision  be specific!
  4. Find early adopters
  5. Nuture them
  6. Provide free space
  7. Lean startup thinking  experiment!
  8. Create a jargon  common language


  1. Ignore laggards
  2. Listen to sceptics
  3. Be open and easy to follow
  4. Bright spots and quick wins  celebrate small successes!
  5. Address emotions and identity
  6. Find champions
  7. Script it


  1. Action triggers
  2. Tweak environment
  3. Make alternatives painful
  4. Use the group
  5. Keep it going!

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