1 maj 2018
Taming Public Speaking
Taming Public Speaking

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Do you know that the public speaking is one of the top things we are afraid of? It might be connected to two reasons people are scare of, that are: Being Embarrassing In Front of a Huge Amount of People” and Failing.

A few years ago we had invited Peter Taylor, one of the best speaker, to give a presentation on presentations. The recording of his presentation can be found here and the tips have been summarized in the previous post.

This time I have asked Transition Manager Academy students to share some ideas on a presentation that makes a difference. The results of the brainstorming session below.

Plan and prepare

  • Be prepared! You should know what the presentation is about and what you want to achieve
  • Don’t try to plan everything – will not work. Be spontaneous.
  • Check who your audience is and adjust style of presentation (pictures, tables with numbers)
  • Rehearse to check the time usage

The presentation itself

  • Short and Interactive
  • Make introductions
  • Share stories, jokes and anecdotes
  • Avoid long text – clear slides – not too much text
  • Use visuals – pictures instead of words
  • Include some interesting news or information that will be new to the audience
  • Less data, more conclusion (interpret data)
  • Clear structure
  • Make a 3 step structure or break the rule as Peter suggests.
  • Summary and to do’s
  • Clarity – make sure everybody understands the topic (in Polish we call it “piaskownica” = sandpit)
  • Double check if all clear
  • Not read the text from the presentation
  • Use different communication channels
  • Time keeping

The audience

  • Involve and engage the audience
  • Make audience feel comfortable at start – the feeling – they will stay

The presenter

  • Be self-confident
  • Smile, use body language, eye contact with the audience
  • Fun!!! People tend to be more engaged and remember if they smile
  • Be authentic!
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